Special: Digital Disruptions Conference

Cyber Radicalisation: The Effects of Modern Technology on Political Extremism Panel

Moderator: Dr. Yvan Guichaoua

Panelists: Adeline Hulin –  UNESCO,  David Ibsen – Counter Extremism Project, and Tommaso Virgili – European Foundation for Democracy 

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Online Platforms: Power Hierarchies in a Digital Society 

Interview with panelists Maryant Fernandez Perez – European Digital Rights, Gerald Hensel – Fearless Democracy 

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*Note: due to the invocation of Chatham House Rules, we hosted a separate panel discussion with two of the participants


Instrumentalising Blockchain: Humanitarian Aid and Technology Regulations 

Moderator: Juan David Mendieta – Keyrock

Panelists: Niall Dennehy – AID:Tech, Ben Joakim – Disberse

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