Ep 3: What IS a ‘State of War’?

Officially, it’s armed conflict. But is it time for an update? Has the end goal changed? And, who gets to decide?

There’s a lot of rhetoric today about whether or not we are in, or on the brink of, some kind of new global war.  While this may feel unprecedented for many in the West, conflict is still commonplace in many parts of the world. But what exactly IS a state of war? Has it changed? And what does it feel like to experience being in a war? We explore these questions and more in this episode

We start off with a panel discussion hosted by Allie Elwell, with Marissa Diaz, and Col. Mario Diaz, US Army; Alice Musabende, Cambridge University & Dr. Daniel Fiott, European Institute for Security Studies as well as a lecturer at BSIS .

Then Katrina Coles and Zoheb Mashiur spoke with three survivors of conflict about the impact of living in conflict: Nanar Hawach (Syria), Daniel López Pérez (Colombia) and Zaid (Iraq)

PLUS Hattie Schoefield previews Kent University’s “20 Years in Europe” with Alastair Ross, Katrina meets Rachel Crawford from University of Kent’s Rome  campus and Lois McLatchie tees up Brussels’ hottest summer events with Visit Brussels

Thank you to our wonderful editor Niki Papadogiannakis, contributor Nadira Nasibli and Kimberley Attard-Owen for her additional support.

Hosts: Allie Elwell and Marissa Diaz

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